The Items You Don't Think To Pack But Should!

April 14, 2020

Every year it has always been a struggle deciding what I am going to pack for summer camp. My first year I didn’t take enough and every year after I had packed too much. Finally in my 5th summer attending camp I had the packing down to a T. I had finally realised that I would spend the entire week in the same pair of shorts because they were the comfiest and I probably wouldn’t need a large bottle of shampoo every month because washing your hair is an effort! So I wanted to share with you the items that are an absolute!!


Some of you may frown and laugh the minute you read this but honestly CROCS were my new best friend. As I worked on the waterfront, I was on and off the sand, in and out of the water and running around. So having a pair of closed toe slip on shoes with sports mode (sports mode is utilising the strap at the back) were ideal. My first year I thought absolutely not, look at all these people with these hideous things on their feet. Once I tried them I couldn’t go back. They are super comfy and hey it’s camp so no one judges, well only a little- they are still crocs after all. 




My next item I hadn’t actually used since I was a child but at camp TALCUM POWDER came in so handy. Getting changed after swimming or even coming out of the shower and immediately sweating because the temperature was still so warm, talc was brilliant. Stops all the chafing you know! 


We think of summer and we think of glorious sunshine, which for most of the summer is true. Of course no one is going to mention the crazy thunderstorms and down pours that happen every so often. Again the crocs come in handy no matter what the weather but an item I wish I had on more than one occasion was my RAINCOAT, especially when you have to run 50m to the nearest toilet block. 


HYDRATION is key at camp! Yes, at camp ‘drink lots of water’ will be the most used phrase and while that is super important, sometimes you need a little change. At my camp, as we were a non for profit organisation we didn’t have as many resources and supplies as other typical privilege camps would. So water, milk, tea and coffee are basics. So Robinsons diluting juice was one of my favourite new additions to last year's packing list. 


I have to say my favourite items of clothing and most practical at times was a pair of cosy joggers and a jumper. After working in the heat all day it can feel a little chilly in the evening, especially if you are sleeping outside. There is nothing better than having a lovely shower, getting that camp lake water off your skin and diving into a cosy outfit for the night! 


There are a number of items I took my first year and never used once, most of which were clothes that I thought I would need. I brought so many lovely outfits that I never wore. Yes you get days off and days to travel but in the heat being in a pair of shorts and a t-shirt was all I needed and who really wants to carry a heavy backpack from State to State - not me!!!! 


The last item I absolutely loved having with me was my journal. Even if you haven’t kept a journal before, for camp it is a great idea. SO much happens in one day that it is easy to forget some of the incredible memories you have made. I love that I can reminisce on my time at camp and remember funny stories, activities and triumphs. It also allowed me some time each evening to chill out and reflect on my day. 


My ultimate top tip is to pack light and pack things you do not mind leaving behind :) 


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The Items You Don't Think To Pack But Should!

April 14, 2020

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