6 Reasons why going back to camp is 100% worth it

October 12, 2018



So, you’re back from camp – covered in friendship bracelets, rocking a sock tan and full of stories about the best summer ever! You already know how great camp is, and for some of you, the decision to go back is probably a no-brainer. Others might have some doubts. Can a second summer possibly be as good?


I asked myself these questions after my first summer, but decided to go for it and reapply – and I’m so glad I did! Here's 6 reasons why you should return to camp: 


1) Something to look forward to


Even the longest, darkest winter feels brighter when you know you’re going back to camp. Whether you have an essay to write or a long shift at work, the thought of being back at the waterfront or waking up in your cabin is the ultimate motivation. During exam season, I was counting down the days until camp!




2) Camp is home


When you drive past your camp sign, you can’t help but get goosebumps – you’re back in your favourite place! A year might have passed, but it feels like you never left.


It’s hard to explain, but I found myself feeling so much more at home at camp this summer. You’ll know all the paths like the back of your hand,  all the camp nicknames and not to mention the insider knowledge you’ll have. I'm talking about the best ice cream spots for your days off!




3) Helping newbies fall in love with camp


You might be worried that it won’t be the same next. What if your friends don't come back? Not to worry. The brilliant thing about camp is that everyone who applies is friendly, fun and just a little crazy!


Within a few days, you’ll feel like you’ve known the new staff forever, and you’ll end the summer with tons of new best friends. The great thing about being a returner is that you get to welcome the new staff and be part of their camp journey, helping them to feel at home and grow in confidence.




4) Seeing your campers again


At most camps, kids return year after year. Your campers will be so excited to see you on opening day – there’ll probably be a lot of screaming and hugging involved!


Seeing them so happy that you’re back is a great reminder of the impact you had last summer and reminds you of just what camp is all about. 




5) There’s always more to learn


You might think you’ve seen it all by the end of your first summer, but that couldn’t be further from the truth! Camp will always throw new challenges at you, and you’ll know by now that no two days are the same.


I grew as a person more during my second summer than my first. I grew in confidence, made stronger relationships, and really learned how to be a leader. As well as making me a better activity counsellor, this also meant I had the best summer ever!




6) Travel


As a returner, you still get that 30 day travel period once you finish camp – the perfect way to explore some more of America! For me, no trip to the US would be complete without a visit to New York, which was one of the highlights of my summer!


I also visited Philadelphia for the first time and it was so much fun. Wherever you want to go, you can make your travel dreams a reality!




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