Getting Ready For Your CCUSA Interview

October 4, 2018


So you’ve paid your £25 start-up fee and it’s time for your CCUSA interview. Congratulations! You’re getting closer to the best summer of your life.

Before we arrange an interview, we’ll just need you to finish your profile. It may look like there’s a lot to do, but each section is very short! One of the most important sections is where you can tell us about your favourite activities. We just need you to select 10


We understand that 10 skills is a lot and we’re not expecting you to be able to bend it like Beckham or have an advanced knowledge of origami. We just want to know which activities you enjoy and where you would be able to help. This helps to make you look like a dynamic counselor who has loads to offer!




Of these 10, you will choose 3 top skills. These are ones that you would feel comfortable coaching, playing and/or demonstrating. There’s a list of around 150 different activities, everything from sports to arts and crafts, fitness, magic, game design and unicycling!


We’ll then put you in touch with one of our amazing CCUSA interviewers. All of our interviewers have worked at camp and many have only just returned from America or Canada! If you have any questions about life at camp or travelling, they’re the perfect people to ask!


Your interview will take place somewhere convenient for you. Most of them take place in coffee shops, SU’s and libraries. If you don’t live close to your interviewer, we can arrange a Skype or Facetime interview for you. Make sure you’ve added your Skype username into your CCUSA profile…just in case! If you don’t yet have an account, we recommend making one. This also shows camps that they can easily contact you!


Although we call it an interview, think of it as a chat with someone who you’ll want to become best friends with! Our interviewers want you to succeed and go to camp. They just want to find out more about you and the skills that you can bring to camp. Skills like this...




All you need to do is be confident, be yourself, be chatty and be happy to talk about your skills. We are here to find the best possible camp for you and the interview helps with this.


In total, your interview will take around an hour, so it’s not too time consuming.

You don’t need any props or parents with you, leave them at home. All you need to bring is a big smile and your Interview Checklist (Pippa in the office will send this to you prior to the interview.)




After your interview, make sure you quickly add your video and references (if you haven’t already) and send the completed Interview Checklist over to Pippa.


We can then crack on with finding you an incredible summer camp and giving you the best summer EVER!

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