Not Just a Job; A Way of Life: 5 Things You Perfected as a Summer Camp Counselor

September 23, 2018

Camp Fashion


Whether you’re rocking a majestic tie-dye shirt your campers made for you or the classic socks and sandals, you’ve perfected ‘that’ camp look. You’re a trend setter and you know it. New York fashion week? Pfft. You’re more interested in looking like a human highlighter, and damn, you do it well. 




Friendship bracelets


The double weave, the fishtail and the painted rainbow. All timeless classics in the summer camp world. You don’t know true friendship till you’ve been given a friendship bracelet by a camper or a fellow staff member. Chances are you’ve worn one or made one for someone else during your time as a counselor. Even if you didn’t perfect the friendship bracelet, there’s always next year!




Going Off-Grid


Wake up, turn over, scroll through Facebook, refresh Twitter, like that Instagram photo. Sounds like a normal morning at home, right? If you’ve been a summer camp counselor you’ve probably perfected disconnecting. The kids are your new social media; they’ll make you laugh, they’re more interesting and there’s no filters for these mini-humans. Oh, and your mum will be very worried as you haven’t contacted her in weeks! Too busy doing this probably...




The S’more


You don’t have to be fluent in S’mores code to have perfected the beautiful art of S’more making (but if you were a camp counselor, I bet you have). Marshmallows, graham crackers and a piece of chocolate, it’s one big tasty piece of summer camp magic.




Comforting Homesick Campers


We’ve all been there. Everything’s going smoothly, the kids are turning off their flashlights and one by one, they begin to doze off. When suddenly, a whimper can be heard from the top bunk. It’s that kid again, he who cannot be named (not Voldemort). That’s it, your night’s sorted. Consoling, hugging, reassuring and smiling as much as physically possible, you’ve perfected them all. Well done, you just made that child’s summer!



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