June 2, 2017

So a lot of you would have had the chance to meet the lovely James Fisher this season. He was our Midlands marketing rep and visited an awful lot of universities. In September he will be heading over to work in the UK's head office in Leeds. And he has decided to start his very own blog this summer and will be blogging throughout his summer at Camp Laurel South. Here is one of this first blog posts so please have a read and make sure you follow his journey this summer! https://amianadultyet.wixsite.com/blog




Well well well, it looks like your going to camp for the first time then! Either that or you've stumbled upon this blog post and have decided to read past this point anyway #Congrats. Regardless of which group you belong to, I can personally assure you that what lies ahead will be a roller coaster ride of enlightenment from the mind of both an experienced camp counselor and a professional idiot.


So if you are a camp newbie and you've recently had a realisation that you'll be spending your summer somewhere new, then the most important thing is do not panic. For the vast majority, being a camp counselor will be a new experience and Its only natural to feel a little apprehensive about doing something you've never done before. It should be a comfort to know that although you may be ridin' (Han) solo, there are people all over the world all in the same boat and each and every one them, Just like you is stressed about how many pairs of pants they should pack for the summer. 


Another important thing that I want to mention is that, although you'll be awash in a sea of new faces you won't feel alone for long. Truly "there is no place like camp" for meeting amazing people and you are absolutely one of them. If you are able to devote yourself to being kinder than necessary and open up wholeheartedly to this new experience you'll find yourself knee deep in friends before you can say "Cash me outside, how bout dah?"


Whilst the importance of adopting an open-minded attitude to this new experience cannot be understated there are many many things you wont be able to pick up until your there. But never fear as Jimmy is here with a few insider tips that might give you the jump on your staff orientation.


Some things to to expect.


Get ready to forget peoples names: At your orientation you'll be meeting a boatload of new people, to which you should be prepared to introduce yourself to more times than you can count. If your anything like me then names might go in one ear and out the other, so once you meet that lovely fellow counselor try your best to use their name as often as you can in that first a conversation.  Most importantly Never be afraid ask for a name again if you've forgotten (Even if it is the 8th time you've met them).


Get ready to dive into it:  As well as summer being the season of sunshine and flip-flops It is also the season of Ice breakers! In any other situation I'm sure many of you would cringe at the mere notion of "Give us a fun fact about yourself!" But at camp, its different and if there is one thing that I can emphasise more than anything else it is to buy into camp! I'm not talking about stocks and shares here, I'm saying that you'll get far more out of every experience the more that you put in to it; especially during orientation. Don't be afraid to go all in and make a fool of yourself because there isn't anything cool about being "too cool for school."


Get ready for the whirlwind: The hustle and bustle of orientation never ceases, it only evolves and changes as the summer goes on. One thing you can take from this is that you shouldn't settle as soon as you feel comfortable. Although you may feel that little bit more relaxed with those few peeps you've bonded with early on, don't be afraid to branch out and get to know more people than just the few in your squad. Variety is the spice of life after all, and camp is certainly a rather spicy place - so embrace it and work that little bit harder to get to know as many people as you can. You've got a whole summer to get acquainted, don't leave it till the last minute and miss out on weeks of friendship.


Get ready to have fun: Do you ever think that the would be such a better place if everybody stopped worrying about what other people thought of them? Perhaps It's because we think that all assumptions and judgements of us are negative? And to an extent in the real world, that may be true. But at camp something wonderful happens, everybody drops the judgement. Instead of finding negativity and picking apart any faults you may believe you have, people look for the best in you. Over summer you get fresh start in an undeniably beautiful environment surrounded by wonderful people, so don't be scared - enjoy yourself! What i'm trying to say is that there is no better place than Camp to find, and then be yourself. So to quote a wise wizard "Just Doo it!"

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