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May 12, 2017

Hi everyone! I'm Pippa Cresswell and I am currently the Marketing/ Program Coordinator but starting the next season I am going to be the Program Coordinator and area rep manager. This summer, if you have any problems while at camp I will be of the people you will chatting to and helping you out (:


I went to Camp Waziyatah in Maine for the last 3 summers where I ate my body weight in Lobster Rolls! Maine is famous for it's Lobster so if you are heading there this summer then be sure to try it out. Camp Waziyatah is also famous and it was part of a reality show in the 90’s called Bug Juice (check it out on youtube)

I was the Hill Division Director for 3 years. This meant that I was in charge of the teenage girls division for the summer.. you can imagine all the drama that went on, but it was so worth it and always so much fun. To the campers I was known as Grandma..


The thing I loved most about camp was how you are literally living in a little camp bubble. My camp was quite small and there was only about 35 staff members so we all became very close and a tight knit family unit. I also loved how every day, every hour, every second was a surprise and you never knew what was going to be thrown your way. Sometimes it was coming up with a game to entertain a bunch of campers or sometimes just a Frisbee, so be prepared!

What do I miss about camp?? Literally EVERYTHING! Honestly, I could write a list that goes on and on. The campers, the staff, the lake, the trees, the smell, the food! It is my home away from home. In the office I am always reliving my camp memories - after all it was a massive part of my life for 3 whole years, and I'm still so close with everyone I went to camp with.


When you arrive at camp make sure you get stuck in and don’t be afraid to make a fool out of yourself. Camp is all about being a bit silly and having fun. You wont remember the things you didn't do but you will definitely remember the things you do. Also pack more socks and underwear than you think you’ll need... they WILL get lost in the wash!

Again... another list that could go on and on but a few of my TOP favorites was Quesadillas and Spicy rice, Chinese beef stir-fry, Meatballs and of course TACO TUESDAY!

My favourite activity was probably counselor hunt. This is when the counselors hide around camp in the evening and each counselor is worth a different amount of points but you don’t know how much you are worth. The campers then need to hunt for you and cash you in. Fun fact… I’m very good at hide and seek and I was never found! Muhaahaha! So get your thinking caps on as soon as you arrive at camp.


If I was only allowed to take 3 things to camp then they would be a some good strong teabags, a hotwater bottle (we had some very cold nights) and maybe some marmite to freak out the Americans! It's so funny to watch the children try marmite for the first ever time. The faces they pull are brilliant.


What is your funniest camp story?

Thinking about my favourite story from camp is such a  hard one because there are so many, as you can imagine. One of my favourite evening activities is Miss Wazi, where they make staff cross dress and that is always a very very funny night with lots of inside jokes! Fancy dress and making up costumes last minute are definitely something you can also get used to at camp!

And remember...


  1. Be as adventurous as you can be and take lots of photos and make lots of memories.

  2. Roll your clothes – much easier to pack

  3. Eat and try lots of food!

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