My Visa Has Been Granted...What Now??

April 5, 2017

So as many of you may know the visa season is now in full swing and nearly 500 of you now have your visas to start (or in some cases continue) your America adventure. But we have noticed that a lot of you are asking ‘Well what happens now??’


Well first of all, if you have been granted your visa then CONGRATULATIONS!! You now don’t need to stress and panic anymore and the hard part is all over and done with. If you haven’t yet booked your visa appointment then do that ASAP to make sure you have your visa in plenty of time before camp. If you do have any questions then don’t hesitate to contact me on

(This is what your visa will look like - although yours will have all of your information on it)


The next thing you need to do is simply sit back and wait for your passport to arrive back in the post. If you chose the courier service to your home address then you don’t need to do anything at all. If you chose to pick it up from a location then you will be notified when that arrives so that you can go and collect it. When you do get your passport back, just flick through and make sure your visa is there. Don’t worry if the dates don’t match exactly when you are at camp – as long as we have the correct dates on our system then everything is in place. And don’t worry – just because it says your visa finished on 15th August you still get your 30 days to travel across America. Just make sure you leave on time.


All of the scary interviews and paying fees is nearly over. Because the next part you need to get organised is turning up to one of our pre-departure meetings. These are being help in London, Leeds, Bristol, Dublin and Edinburgh so work out what one best suits you and make sure you turn up in plenty of time. See our previous blog post to find out even more information about these. If you don’t turn up to one of these meetings then your visa will no longer valid so if you do have any issues then you need to contact us immediately to discuss this further.


After that, the final step is to get your flight information. If you picked the flight option then these will be booked 4-6 weeks before you head to camp and will appear on your footprints account so make sure you keep a close eye on this. If you booked your own flights then we would advise contacting your camp before booking your transport and flights just to make sure you are heading to the correct place.


And nowwwwww….you can breath. Everything is in place and you are ready to for camp. The only thing left to worry about is how your going to pack 3 months worth of stuff in 1 suitcase…

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