21 Emotions We've ALL Experienced At Camp!

March 29, 2017

Wet Hot American Summer is the greatest Summer Camp movie ever made. This is an indisputable fact. To celebrate the upcoming Netflix series, here a list of times that Wet Hot understood Summer Camp life a little too well + how Summer Camp gives you ALL the feels.


1. The feeling of mischievousness when you and your co-counselor share a private joke that NO-ONE else understands.

 “We’re both laughing…but NONE of you know why.”


2.The feeling of intense panic when you discover that the someone has blocked the toilet. 

 3. The feeling of uncertainty at the end of the summer when you realise you’ve been wearing Camp Goggles and find any excuse to end things with your summer love.

4. The feeling of genuine exhilaration when you leave camp for your first day off.

FYI…those are definitely 6-packs of Coke. Camp is an alcohol-free zone.


5. The feeling of indifference when your camper starts sobbing because they’ve been hit with the GaGa ball.

6. The feeling of elation when eating ‘outside food’ for the first time in what seems like FOREVER!!



7. The feeling of absolute disdain when a rival camp turns up on your turf for inter-camp sports. Losing is NOT an option…even if you are coaching a team of 9yr olds with limited hand-eye coordination. 

8. The feeling of joy when you don’t have to stack after the meal + can do whatever you want with your plate.

“Oh no! My plate has accidentally fallen on the floor.”


9. The feeling of going through the motions when you do the Cha-Cha Slide for the 4 billionth time.

10. The feeling that you’re becoming Americanised, and rather than speaking with words, you find yourself communicating through a series of cheers, chants, whoops and hollers.

11. The feeling of shock, awe and slight queasiness when your campers nail a performance of Anaconda for the Lip Sync.

12. The feeling of absolute despair when the buses roll up and you realise that the summer is almost over.

“Trying. Really. Hard. Not. To. Ugly. Cry.”


13. The feeling of confusion when you realise that there is no phone signal at camp + you have to arrange actual times to meet.

14. The overwhelming feeling of pride when your campers try something completely out of their comfort zone.

15. The feeling of frustration when you get the ‘No Ride’ group for a day trip to the Theme Park.

16. The feeling of confusion when you go camping, need the toilet and try to fight your way out of your sleeping bag in the dark.

17. The feeling of relief when you sweat for a whole day and get to go to the lake.

18. The feeling of surprise when you have your first night off and see the other counselors in something other than grubby t-shirts and shorts.

19. The feeling of exasperation when your campers think that it’s a good idea to climb in the rafters.

20. The feeling of achievement that you’ve got through an entire session with the oldest campers without any massive dramas.


 21. The feeling that you’ve just exerienced a truly magical summer and are already making plans to return next year.

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