What Happens If A Camp Director Contacts Me About An Interview?

March 15, 2017

So most of your applications are now circulating in America and camp directors are looking at your profiles every single day. And when you finally receive an email from a camp saying they would love to set up an Skype interview with you to discuss your application further and potentially offer you a job it is the most exciting feeling. I know that lots of you have questions about what to do/what to say/what questions to ask – so I’m going to help you out a bit :D


Once your application is in the States there are two things that would happen… The first is that a camp looks at your application and falls in love with you much that they offer you a job straight away without setting up a Skype or call interview with you. If you are in that situation then you are pretty lucky because it means your application must have been pretty incredible. The other thing that can happen if the camp will email you to set up a Skype or phone interview to get to know you better. This will happen quite a lot because camps want to make sure you are the perfect fit for their camp. So please please please check your emails regularly INCLUDING YOUR JUNK EMAIL as emails will often appear here.


Once a camp has reached out to you make you try and reply within 24 hours of them contacting you just so you can get set up with an interview nice and quickly. Remember – America is a different time zone to us so often the interview will be later in the day/in the evening to accommodate the camp staff. Now that you have your time and date it’s time to prepare. This is a job interview at the end of the day. You wouldn’t turn up to a job interview in the UK in PJ’s and moldy plates of food in the background. Make sure you choose a sensible place for you to be when the interview takes place. Do a sweep of the area to make sure nothing weird and wonderful could be seen and make an effort.

One thing that camp directors love more than anything if you knowing facts about their camp and having questions prepared. So go away and do some research. I don’t mean sit there for hours reading books and highlighting bits of paper with brightly coloured pens. Go on their website and watch their videos, look at the camp maps if they have one, read the history of the camp and how they came about, find out a bit about the activity they want you to see. And while having your interview get little facts in about their camp – this will show them how keen you are for them to hire you and that you are dedicated to working hard over the summer.


Another thing camps love is when you have questions to ask them that allow them to talk about camp but also to show that you are interested and want to find out more. Go into the interview with 3-4 questions to ask them. Chances are they will answer a few of your questions during the interview anyway but it will make you look a lot better if you have questions to ask at the very end.


A very common question we get before from application is ‘I don’t like the look of the camp but they have emailed me asking for an interview, what should I do?’ Well, go ahead and have the interview. A lot of people go into the interview not feeling too great but once having a good chat with the camp decide they would love to spend their summer there. Don’t be surprised is your interview lasts 45 minutes – 1 hours (sometimes ever longer). Go into every interview with an open mind. Another thing you MUST NOT DO is judge a camp on their website. A lot of camps websites don’t look great when you first go onto but I guarantee that if you spoke to any counselor they would have 1001 amazing stories to tell you and why their camp is the best in the whole of America.

If you finish your interview with the camp and it has gone well, they will sometimes offer you a position there and then. Sometimes they will be interviewing a few people for 1 position so they will get back to you in the next couple of days and sometimes they decide that you aren’t quite what they are looking for. If this does happen then DO NOT PANIC. Your application will straight back onto the American database and camp directors will continue to look through your application.


So stay calm, relax and be yourself in your interview. Your camp will become your home away from home. GOOD LUCK :D

If you have any other questions then please don’t hesitate to call the office on 02088 746325 or email me on lydiah@ccusa.co.uk

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