How To Book Your Visa Appointment

March 10, 2017

So we have successfully completed our first two visa J-Days and it feels so good! Over 200 of you now have now been granted your visa to travel to the States and now the official countdown can begin. But there’s still many of you to book your appointment and go through the process. So I am going to take you step by step through the process to help you out  :D


The first thing that will happen is your footprints account will update with a new tab appearing in your ‘Things You Need To Do…’ section at the top. This will say ‘Visa Consulate Appointment’ and have a button that you need click on >> ‘Arrange Consulate Appointment’. Once you have clicked on this section, people often get quite confused because they don’t read section 1 and simply choose a time and date (NOTE: THIS DOESN’T BOOK YOU AN APPOINTMENT – IT SIMPLY SHOWS US WHAT DAY YOU ARE COMING ALONG TO THE US EMBASSY ON)

Step 1 tells you exactly how to apply for your DS160 form – this form needs to be filled out by yourself and once completed you will get a combination of letters and numbers starting with ‘AA’. Note this number down when it is issued but don’t move onto step 2 on footprints until you have finished the DS160 form. In green letters there is a button saying ‘Click Here’ next to Step 1. Please do what it says because this will lead you to the cheat sheet and tell you exactly what to put for every single section of the form. It will save you a lot of hassle rather than emailing us and having to wait for a response. The website to fill the form out is - if for whatever reason you have already typed in your ‘AA’ combination and have lost the cheat sheet then email me on and I will send you another copy via email. Once on the website select London (unless you are getting your visa elsewhere and have spoken to me about this) and then you can start your application.

Once you have completed this and printed off the from you can enter the ‘AA’ combination into footprints and move onto the next section (NOTE: there have been quite a few issues with using tablets and Apple computers, so please try and fill out the DS160 application out on a PC and print it straight after completing it as confirmation emails aren’t being send out properly)

Now you have entered your ‘AA’ combination a new page will appear with steps 1 and 2 again. YOU HAVE TO COMPLETE STEP 1 BEFORE MOVING ONTO STEP 2!!!! Click on the capital green button that says ‘BOOK YOUR LONDON US EMBASSY APPOINTMENT’ and this will lead you straight to the US Embassy website. This is where you will be booking your appointment to get your visa granted. On footprints, right under that button is also another green button that says ‘by clicking here’ >> this will take you to the second cheat sheet, which again takes you through every step you need to take to book your appointment. Please read this very carefully and only select the boxes we have listed in this document. (If you are a returner you ARE NOT renewing a visa or using the same SEVIS ID. You get a new one every year you go to camp!) On the US Embassy website is where you also pay the $160 for your appointment.

Once this has been confirmed and you have received a confirmation email from them you can move onto step 2 on footprints where you select the date and time that you booked your appointment for. This tells us what day you are coming to the Embassy and we will make sure we are outside with your DS2019 form on the day of your appointment. If you don’t tell us then we don’t know that you’re turning up and unfortunately we cant read minds. If you have also booked onto a date but it isn't showing up on footprints then please contact me ASAP so we can correct this in plenty of time.

 And that is exactly how to apply for your visa appointment! I know that it can be quite confusing so don’t worry if you are struggling a little bit because I can guarantee you are not the only one. If you do have any questions then please just drop me an email on or call the office phone between 10am-4pm on 02088 746325

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