Your CCUSA Journey!!





(This includes medical insurance for the duration of time while your at camp)



* Plus the payments for your visa, medical check and police check



Simply go to and sign up.

Put in a few basic details and you're off...


Application Fee // £40

After completing the first part of your application (which will take about 5 minutes!) you pay the £40 Application Fee. We will then be in touch to talk you through the next steps.



Once your application is complete and looking fantastic, we will arrange an interview for you. Our interviewers have all recently been to camp and just want to learn more about you. The more info we can get, the easier our job in getting you placed!


Complete References & Video 

To complete your application you need to make a video between 60-90 seconds and get 2 references.


Application Sent to USA

Now things start to get exciting! Your application is sent to the States to find your dream summer job.  


Acceptance Fee // £TBC

Your application is now in America!! *hi-five* To show our US Team that you're committed to the program, we just ask that you pay the Acceptance Fee.


Get Placed!!

You can get placed at one of our fantastic Camp Fairs where we invite some of our favourite camps over from America and Canada! We also have an incredible US Team who place our counselors at over 600 summer camps. They will check out your application to find the 1 camp that you will love!


*pay to police check authority

Apply for Police Check // £75

Before going to camp, you will need to apply for a police check, just to make sure you haven't been causing trouble!
Make sure you only apply for the ICPC in 2021!
Any earlier and we will not be able to accept it.


*pay to your GP

Medical Form // £?

Before jetting off to America, you need a medical form completed by your GP. Some doctors will fill this out for free, but some may charge.


Apply for Visa // $160

*pay to American Embassy
Now it's time to apply for your J1 visa which gives you time to work at camp and travel in America! We'll give you cheat sheets to help you complete the visa forms.


Pay Final Fee // £TBC or £TBC

(£TBC= Flight Option or £TBC= Own-Flight Option)
The final payment depends on the flight option you picked. This must be paid at least 24 hours before your visa appointment. 


Visa Appointment

America is just a few months away! You now just need to pop along to the Embassy to get your visa. It might seem scary, but we're here to help you every step of the way!


 Summer Camp Orientation

The final step before having the most amazing summer ever is to attend an orientation where you'll meet loads of other counselors. The CCUSA staff will get you ready for the summer!


Fly to Camp!!

The time has FINALLY arrived! It's time to go to camp!!

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